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New Expresso Cyber Cycle

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Product Code: NAGO-FIT-009
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The CyberCycle is the most advanced piece of exercise equipment ever designed. Riders are comfortable and engaged which leads to more frequent & longer workouts, better health & improved quality of life.

“Exergames have the potential to increase exercise by shifting attention from aversive aspects toward motivating features such as competition and three-dimensional scenery, leading to greater frequency and intensity, and enhanced health outcomes.”

- American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Stimulating the Mind

"Cybercycling provides greater cognitive benefits for senior adults than traditional exercise."

- American Journal of Preventive Medicine

"CyberCycle riders had significantly better executive function than those who rode a traditional stationary bike..."

- American Journal of Preventive Medicine

CyberCycle redefines engagement. With over 40 stunning virtual worlds to ride in, games, and social exercising, CyberCycle riders benefit mentally as well as physically from their workouts.

“Cybercyclists experienced a 23% reduction in progression to mild cognitive impairment compared to traditional exercisers.”

- American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Strengthening the Body

"A recent study reported that compared with traditional stationary cycling, older adults preferred cycling with interactive gaming."
- American Journal of Preventive Medicine 
“Participation in exergaming compared with traditional exercise can lead to greater frequency and intensity and enhanced health outcomes.”

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